We are an organic, plant-based products company that believes next-level flavors and healthy eating should go hand in hand. With our roots in Southern California, Naked Infusions is a stripped-down alternative to the bland and boring.

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Signature Salsas

With a less is more philosophy, we add only the best ingredients to our 4 signature salsa flavors. From our Signature Mild to our Fire Roasted Garlic, our salsas are bursting with flavor. Go with the Medium for a little kick or the X-Hot to really spice things up!

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Hot Sauces

Jam-packed with Superfoods like turmeric, flaxseed & ginger, these hotties really kick it up a notch! Use on your favorite dishes to add a flavor-forward punch to any meal. For a great marinade, use our Hot Wing sauce to really spice things up…warning, it’s nuclear hot!

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Pasta Sauces

Our 3 pasta sauce flavors bring the freshness of the Italian countryside to your dinner table. Choose from our classic Marinara that is bursting with flavor, earthy Wild Mushroom, or our authentic Calabrian Style for a spicy kick to your pasta.

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Everything’s Better Naked.

Always Organic

No fillers or no artificial ingredients of any kind. That commitment goes all the way back to the farmers who grow our fresh ingredients.


We use whole, minimally processed organic plant-based ingredients in our recipes for a healthy dose of flavor and essential nutrients our bodies need.

Superior Taste

We didn't set out to make healthy food that tastes good enough. We set out to show the world that you can make the best tasting food out of the healthiest ingredients.

Love this smooth, tasty salsa! Found it at my local store. It has a great texture and is more like the salsa you’d find down in Baja - not chunky but smooth. No onions. Great packaging and look. Love it!
— Chase P.
Excellent taste! The tomatoes are not overpowering and not too sweet. Very smooth - Three Thumbs Up from the family. It is a very well-balanced mix of heat and flavor. And the heat kind of sneaks up on you. ENJOY!
— Brian F.
I love salsa but, I’m allergic to onion which makes it more difficult to find a tasty one. I also only do organic food. Naked Infusions fits the bill! Everyone I've shared with loves it too. Even those lucky people without dietary restrictions. 👍
— Justin J.

Why Naked?

At Naked Infusions, a few guiding principles inspire every product we make.

Eat to Live Eat to Live

Eat to Live

We all want to eat foods that are familiar, comforting, and delicious.

But we also want to eat foods that make us feel great, give us lasting energy, and help us live our best lives. You can’t do that if you’re eating processed, additive-laden, nutritionally dead foods.

We strive to make foods that you love eating, and that make you love the way you feel.

Do No Harm Do No Harm

Do No Harm 

All of our products are 100% plant based.

We believe that eating a plant based diet is better for you, better for the planet, and it’s damn sure better for the animals.

Spread the Joy Spread the Joy

Spread the Joy

When you feel good, you do good. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Celebrated. Lived to the fullest.

Let’s help each other be better.